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Our “Only at The Royal” specialty packages are designed in mind for couples seeking an authentic wedding experience with a touch of glamour and elegance unique to the historic charm of The Royal Hawaiian, a Luxury Collection Resort. The décors are also custom-designed to create charming details for every theme by Steven Boyle Design. A $5,000 minimum is required toward décor for all Only at The Royal Wedding Packages.


Only at The Royal Packages

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A majestic theme at The Royal Hawaiian, affectionately known as the Pink Palace of the Pacific, features conch shell blowers, Hawaiian music, a hula dancer and a kahu in a ceremony that celebrates the resort’s fabled location and its ties to the Hawaiian monarchy.

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Conch shell blowers will signal the start of the ceremony, inviting guests to gather. The resonating sounds of the conch shell fill the air, and slowly turn into harmony of ukulele and guitar. A graceful hula dancer sways while the kahu leads the couple through the sacred vows – the commitment and celebration of two becoming one. As one family, one ‘ohana…everyone is escorted to the reception. Vintage inspirations such as paper lanterns, monochromatic linens in champagne, antique white, and bluff, as well as seashells, and candle light…create a romantic setting from yesteryear.

Locally grown flowers such as orchids, anthuriums, ginger, and plumerias help bring a tropical feel, while the stage is set with a Hawaiian musical duo, and trio of dancers.

A traditional Hawaiian feast or lu‘au is the inspiration behind the finale with a visually stunning display of Hawaiian costumes, music and traditions accentuating the beauty and romance of Hawaii, along with The Royal Hawaiian’s award-winning dining experience infused with the influence of modern culinary imagination.


Built in 1927, the Pink Palace of the Pacific has been the heart of gracious hospitality on Waikiki Beach for 90+ years. “Pretty in Pink” features a hue of pink for each aspect of a wedding, including pink flowers, pink regalia, pink drinks, pink food – everything done in the soft, whimsical color of pink.

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Hundreds of orchids adorn ceremony aisle, and arbors and chairs strewed with pink fabric and florals, while floating lanterns and pink tables fancifully illustrate the happiness and excitement of pink. Even the menu and cocktails are created in pink. As a special touch inspired by the lapis inlay from the hotel’s architecture, a special Tiffany & Company gift can be incorporated as a touch of “something blue.” As the saying goes, “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…a Royal gift made just for you.”


The movement and attitude of Bohemia is the foundation of this wedding experience – an expression of living by the moment, open and free, using what is found and indigenous. Details are simple and create a feeling of “on-hand” and spontaneous. Bouquets are created using cascading Hawaiian and seasonal flowers.

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Discover Boho Chic Package

It’s about using what we have at The Royal Hawaiian and from within our island community, including musicians who feature an eclectic, folk sound. Additionally, both the menu and the libations are avant-garde and reflective of the season.


Relive the opulence and gilded glamour of the 1920s with “Vintage 1927.” This theme will take you back to the Great Gatsby era – a time of decadence, where experience was based on excess. Imagine the dramatic Royal Hawaiian as the backdrop to this wedding celebration.

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Discover Vintage 1927 Package

Listen to jazz music wafting across the tailored lawn, and see the glitter of beads, baubles, and crystals as the soft movement of ostrich feathers and dancing candle light enhances its beauty.

Cymbidium orchids in soft pastels with golden and platinum accents cover the dinner table while a customized and elegant menu that features the classic offering of international flavors is served. It is the perfect escape from the 20th century, with the theatrical architecture and immaculate estate-like grounds where everyone will be whisked away to a luxurious past.


Click! Click! Click! “Paparazzi” brings engagement to the next level with the next generation’s answer to a wedding celebration. Think of selfies and texting! Think Instagram and Facebook! Edison lights, colorful lanterns, pennants, chalkboards, and customized signage!

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Discover Paparazzi Package

Let us use the inspiration of technology and the inventiveness of the next-gen to fuel creativity. The wedding theme encourages guests to get involved by bringing spontaneity and fun to the celebration with text messages, with images from the kitchen and chefs highlighting the first course, or showing the final decoration of a cake, as well as a virtual guest book with photos and videos direct from the attendees.

The idea of this theme is for the wedding to unfold on social media, whether it’s through selfies taken during the wedding, or guests taking pictures at designated locations…this is a hipster’s dream.


Inspired by The Royal Hawaiian’s iconic location along Waikiki Beach, “Pearly Shells” captures the free spirit of the beach life with an airy, carefree essence. A simple ukulele player and minister, white and light blue florals and orchid leis make this the ultimate shoreline experience.

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Discover Pearly Shells Package

Inspired by the sounds of the ocean and beachside breeze, the décor includes rustic glassware, mason jars, and candlelight for romance, as well as seashells and natural color linens, knotty driftwood and white orchids to complete the table scape.

The menu of fresh island offerings of fish and seafood, along with grilled Rancher’s beef and a bounty of fruits and salad greens complete the experience. Local beers and light-hearted Hawaiian music create that local island magic for a wedding inspired by the beach.

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To begin planning for your dream wedding, we recommend you to complete our Request for Proposal or you may contact our Catering Sales Office at (808) 931-8888 for any questions you may have. As always, these wedding themes may be customized to your dream wedding.

“Nothing compares to the Royal Hawaiian. The “Pink Palace” certainly lives up to its reputation”