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Built in 1927, the iconic Royal Hawaiian Resort, known as the "Pink Palace of the Pacific," ushered in a new era of luxurious resort travel to Oahu. The resort’s Mai Tai bar is an Oahu icon, and their oceanfront luau is the only one of its kind in Waikiki.

With its pristine beachfront location, the Royal Hawaiian is one of the Oahu hotels that is located truly in the heart of Hawaii.

Oahu is home to the only real metropolitan area in all the Hawaiian Islands, Honolulu. For some, this has been both a blessing and a curse for the island.

Visitors to Oahu and local Hawaiian residents themselves are not left out of all the amenities and conveniences that Honolulu provides.

Days can be spent out and about enjoying the bustling nightlife, great restaurants, exciting cultural events and establishments, good public transportation, and a variety of shopping and lodging options.

Combine this with the city and Waikiki’s beaches, parks, mountains, recreational areas, and quaint towns, and this makes one enjoyable metropolitan area.