boat on ocean near The Royal Hawaiian during daytime

Waikiki Beach Boy Services

Waikiki Beach is famous today due in large part to the Waikiki Beach Boys of a bygone era. The Beach Boys joie de vivre and their unfailingly jovial outlook played a large part in the attraction of the Hawaiian Islands during the 1900s. These special people, through no official appointment, were the first line ambassadors for Hawai’i: greeting visitors with leis upon arrival, acting as tour guides, friends and confidants during their stays, and singing songs of aloha when their new friends departed for the mainland.

While their happy and kind hearts drew them notice, it was the Beach Boys’ expertise and unparalleled water skills that made them legends. Their singular love for the water, and for the arts of board and canoe surfing, was without a doubt the driving force behind the revival of these two sports – both of which were very near to being extinct at the turn of the 20th century.

Royal Hawaiian Beach Services

We look forward to meeting you and we will see you on the beach!

The Waikiki Beach Boy has evolved over the years to meet the demands of a different society and a growing tourism industry. But, its foundation is still that of its basic beginnings: the same blissful attitude and genuine care is fostered in every Beach Boy at Waikiki Beach Boys of The Royal Hawaiian.

Water skills are honored and the ancient knowledge of the ocean is passed down from generation to generation.

Let the Beach Boys teach you how to surf, stand-up paddle board, or even man an outrigger canoe.